Month: January 2017

January 2017 Display Competition

Black & White Category

1st Place

Judging of the Terriers, Black Combe Country Fair – Duncan Cooke













2nd Place

You looking at me – Duncan Cooke









3rd Place

Marc Chagall’s illuminated exhibition – Baux-de-Provence – Carole Palmer

Marc Chagall’s illuminated exhibition – Baux de Provence France that I visited on my holiday to Provence in summer of 2016.

Most of the artistís best-known masterpieces have been digitized and are screened on the 5,000 m2 of the former stone quarry of Les CarriËres de LumiËres.

The exhibition lasts about 30 minutes and is set to music. It was a spectacular experience that was a highlight of our holiday.

Camera: Nikon D5000 f/5 2 seconds ISO 640 focal length 18mm




 4th Place

Arles Roman Amphitheater – Carole Palmer

Les Arenes – This is one of the largest and best preserved Roman monuments in Provence France that I visited on a holiday in June 2016.

Camera: Nikon D5000 f/9 1/100 ISO 200 focal length 25mm









Colour Category

1st Place

Swordbilled Humingbird – Andrew Pringle

Sword billed hummingbird – The only bird on the planet whose bill is longer than its body!

Image taken in Ecuador’s rain forest earlier this year.








2nd Place

River Brathay reflections – Craig Breakey









3rd Place

Camargue White Horses – Andrew Pringle

Camargue White Horses.

A happy memory that I hope captures the movement of these majestic animals.




4th Place

Lone Boat – Craig Breakey