Barrow DPC v Ulverston Competition Rules

These rule have been agreed between Barrow and Ulverston for all future inter club competitions.


The completion will take place over Six Rounds.

Five images from each club will be presented in each round, (30 images per club in total).

There will be a maximum of 5 images per individual with a maximum of 2 from any one author per round.

Minimum of 1 Black & White image per round per club, (Maximum of 15 per club).

Images to be 1400 x 1050.

Sets to be labelled A B C D E & F.

First round, Barrow set A v Ulverston set A, then B v B, C v C and so on until final round, F v F.

Images judged by 3 judges giving a score between 4 & 9 for each image.

The total score from all images in each round will determine the winner of each round.

The winning club from each round awarded 2pts, 1pt each in the event of a draw.

Double points awarded in final round (F). 4 points for a win, 2 pts each for a draw.

The club with the most points form all 6 rounds will be declared the winner.

In the event of a tie the totals from all 6 rounds will be added together and the team with the highest total will be declared the winner.

If these totals are still equal the highest scoring individual images from each club will determine the winner, (as in the SLKO).