Internal Club Competition Rules



1.1 Entries to competitions are only open to club members. A member is anyone who has paid their annual subscription.

1.2 Submission of an entry by a member is deemed to imply knowledge and acceptance of all competition rules.

1.3 The Committee’s decision will be final regarding all matters relating to the interpretation of these rules and any disputes arising there from.

1.4 Although every care will be taken of images entrusted to the Club for whatever purpose, neither the Club nor any representatives can accept any responsibility for loss or damage however caused. Therefore all images are submitted to the Club at the owner’s risk.

1.5 Amendments or additions to these Club rules shall only be made by executive decision of the Committee and may be without prior notice to its members or subject to a vote by the membership if deemed necessary.

1.6 A member may make a request/suggestion for a change to competition rules in writing/email and handed/sent to the Competition Secretary. These will be considered by the committee at the following committee meeting.

1.7 Any Image which does not conform to club rules will be liable to disqualification.

1.8 Any images deemed by the committee to be offensive or distasteful will be excluded from competition. Any member who finds an image as such should discreetly make their feelings known to the competition secretary and the competition will be halted until a decision is made.

1.9 Monochrome definition. An image is considered to be Monochrome only if it gives the impression of having no colour, ( i.e. contains only shades of grey which can include pure black and pure white ), OR it gives the impression of being a greyscale image that has been toned in one colour across the ENTIRE image. For example by Sepia, Red or Gold etc.A GREYSCALE IMAGE MODIFIED OR GIVING THE IMPRESSION OF HAVING BEEN MODIFIED BY PARTIAL TONING, MULI TONING OR BY THE INCLUSION OF SPOT COLOURING DOES NOT MEET THE DEFINITION OF MONOCHROME AND SHALL BE CLASSIFIED AS A COLOUR WORK.

1.10 Members may give their images titles if they wish, (not compulsory), which may be taken into account by the Judge.

1.11 There will be four internal competitions in each season which members are eligible to enter. These are COLOUR, MONOCHROME, (BLACK & WHITE), SET OF 4 and IMAGE OF THE YEAR. The winning entries of the monthly colour and black & white competitions, (digital and print), will be entered into the image of the year competition. The image of the year competition will be judged by an external judge selected by the committee who will judge all 1st placed images, from both print & projected monthly competitions, as dpi’s. For this reason all winners of print competitions are requested to supply a dpi file of the winning image to the Competition Secretary.

1.12 Competitions will be held monthly and will alternate between; Digital Projected Images (to be known as Digital) and Mounted Print Images (to be known as Prints). Competition dates shall be given in the Club Programme.

1.13 Themed competitions may be introduced at intervals in the seasons programme to be incorporated into the Colour and Monochrome, (B&W), competitions. Members will be advised has to how these will operate.

1.14 The Set of 4 is a stand alone competition and will be judged not just by each individual image, but also by how the 4 images work together as a set. Images can be Colour or Monochrome, or a mixture of both and the set will be given a score out of 20pts.

1.15 Images used in the set of 4 competition may also be entered individually in any of the monthly Colour and Monochrome (B&W) competitions, as either a print or dpi.

1.16 At the end of each competition night members should collect their entries.

1.17 The winners of the ‘Colour, Monochrome (B&W), ‘Set of 4’ & ‘Image of the Year’ competitions will hold the title and trophies until the conclusion of next season’s print & projected competitions.

1.18 Ignorance of Club rules will not be accepted as an excuse for none compliance.


2.1 The entrant must have undertaken the set up, capture of all the images (including multiple layer composites) and manipulation during post process editing of all files. Acceptable assistance includes, e.g. using others as helpers to hold flash guns. It is recommended that any member who has concerns about any aspect of their work consults the competition secretary prior to submitting the image for a competition.

2.2 If digital manipulation has occurred the Committee retain the right to view the original images used to create the entered image.

2.3 If the Committee deems an image to be in breach of the Club authorship rules it will not be eligible for any Club competitions.


3.1 All entries to be submitted prior to commencement of judging. Late entries may not be accepted. A deadline date will be set for digital competition submissions and to speed up the process of collecting members images and to ensure they are placed in the correct folders it is requested they are submitted in the following way; A folder named with the authors name. Within that folder, 2 separate folders, one named colour, one named mono, (or B&W), containing the relevant images.

3.2 Slides are not permitted and should be printed or scanned as a digital image.

3.3 Entries for each competition shall be limited to 4 prints, 2 colour & 2 Monochrome (B/W) or 4 digital images, 2 colour & 2 monochrome (B/W), from any one member unless instructed otherwise, (as in ‘themed’ competitions).

3.4 Submitted works can be of any age, but it is preferred that images be reasonably recent.

3.5 Each image, either as Digital or Print, may be entered into more than one monthly competition. However, once an image has been placed, either 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th, that image is no longer eligible for entry into any other monthly competition and will be disqualified if found to be so.

3.6 A “same image” is defined as one that has come from the same source file and one which is so similar as to be almost identical. Colour and monochrome images from the same file may be used in the relevant competitions.

3.7 In submitting entries for Club competitions you agree to make them available for selection for any external or inter-club competitions, and for inclusion within the Club’s website gallery and/or competition section.

3.8 Members who are unhappy for their images being used by the Club in any way other than for the purpose of the competition in which it was entered, must place the acronym POP,( please obtain permission ), at the end of the digital file name or after the title of the print. These images will not be used as per rule 3.7; however the onus is on the member to provide this information within the file name, otherwise rule 3.7 stands.


4.1 Prints may be self or trade processed, but must be mounted.

4.2 There is no limit to the size of mounted print entries. However the preferred size would be a 406.5mm x 304.8mm (16″ x 12”) print mounted in a 500mm x 400mm (19.7″ x 15.75″) mount. This is the standard size for external competitions such as the South Lakes Knockout and Ulverston comps. and any image selected for entry into these competitions would not have to be re-printed and mounted if done to these dimensions, saving the Club time and money.

Please note: For external competitions the mount size must be exactly 500mm x 400mm no matter what the size of print.

4.3 Submissions may be given a title if the author sees fit, (unless ‘no title’ is expressed). This allows the author to convey to the judge/s what they intend the viewer to see in the image and may or may not influence how the judge/s score the image. A good title is never a bad thing. For prints, the title should be printed or hand written on a narrow strip of paper and wrapped around the top right hand corner of the mount and attached at the back with tape. This helps denote the viewing orientation of the print and also allows the mount to be re-used.

4.4 The authors name must not be visible on the image or mount.

4.5 Digital Images should be submitted on a memory stick. The authors name must not be present within the image filename.

4.6 Digital images must not exceed 1400 pixels wide (w) by 1050 pixels high (h) in size. They should be saved as a Jpeg (.jpg) at the finest (highest) setting. It is recommended, as the images are to be projected, to save them with the colour space set as sRGB. Incorrectly sized images may not be accepted for competitions.

Example Digital Image size

This video explains the process to re size in Lightroom

This video explains the process to re size in Photoshop


5.1 Judging and scoring will be performed by external judges selected/appointed by the committee or the competition secretary.


6.1 For each competition, in both the Print and Digital, the appointed judge will score each image entered up to a maximum of 20pts and will announce 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th in ascending order.

6.2 Additional points will be added to the top 4 images as follows; 1st place an additional 4pts, 2nd place an additional 3pts, 3rd place an additional 2pts and 4th place an additional 1pt.

6.3 ALL points scored by every image entered will be added to each members individual points total for the colour and black and white competitions over the season.

6.4 The member/s with the highest total points accumulated over the season will be declared the winner/s of the colour and black and white competitions.

6.5 In the event of a tie the member with the most 1st placed images, ( or if still a tie the most 2nd 3rd or 4th placed images ), will be declared the winner.

6.6 The member with the highest total point score for the Colour and B/W competitions during the Club season, (September to May), will be awarded the relevant trophy at the awards dinner at the end of the season.

6.7 The league table of points will be displayed on the Club website and will be updated at regular intervals.


7.1 The Club requires images (Prints and/or Digital) for competitions with other clubs.

7.2 All members images, either previously shown in internal competitions or not, are eligible for inclusion for selection for external competitions.

7.3 Each member can submit up to 4 images in each section (Digital and Print) for selection.

7.4 Each member shall have a folder on the Club laptop in which they can store copies of images they might wish to be considered for entry into external competitions.

7.5 A maximum of 4 images (Prints and/or Digital) per member may be selected for inclusion in to a competition.

7.6 The final image selections will be conducted by a selection committee chosen by the Competition Secretary.

7.7 Normal competition and entry rules apply for all submissions.

Please contact the Club Competition Secretary or other committee member if you require any advice or guidance regarding the club competitions or rules.