Calendar 2019 / 20

The Barrow Digital Photography Club itinerary for 2018 / 20 is shown below.

The itinerary is subject to change.

There are a number of session that require a volunteer to run and some gaps to fill. If volunteers don’t come forward this sessions will not run. If you have an alternative idea you are willing to present on please discuss with one of the committee members.

A printable version of the calendar can be downloaded BDPC Calendar 2019:20.


Competitions –

  • Entries for Dpi competitions (to competition standard sizing) to be handed in 3 weeks prior to competition. Late entries and entries not to competition standardImage sizing for Projected Competitions & Internal Competition Rules only accepted at discretion of the organiser.
  • Prints to be handed in 1 week prior to competition if possible or before 7:00pm on the night. Late entries only accepted at the description of organiser.

Themes –

  • Movement – It is suggested you review the following link with respect to the movement theme,
  • Antiquated – Adjective: old-fashioned or unsuitable for modern society outdated, continued from, resembling, or adhering to the past.

Challenges –

  • Members shoot Max 3 images for the challenge and show and describe what/how they did it.
10th Sep 2019Welcome Back Pie & PeasPlease let Jean Know if you are attending.
17th Sep 2019Theme for Bi Monthly Challenge (Bokeh).

Submit images for print run & dpi's of your entries for thePrint competition.
24th Sep 2019Guest Speaker: 'Of Samurais and Geishas'.Pax Garabedian.
1st Oct 2019Print Competition: 'Open'.Judge: Gerald Chamberlin.
8th Oct 2019Lightroom / Photoshop Alternatives.
S Arnold.
15th Oct 2019Portrait night with Studio Lights.

Entry night for dpi competition.
Volunteer Required.
22nd Oct 2019Opposites, Bring in dpi's that are opposite to one another Max 4 images.
29th Oct 2019Critique night & give out What Would You Do With This image.
5th Nov 2019Projected Competition: 'Open'.Judge: Sonia Dunmall
12th Nov 2019How to cut a perfect mount.Duncan Cooke.
19th Nov 2019Bi Monthly Challenge + Next Theme (Self Portrait).

Submit images for print run & dpi's of your entries for the Print competition.
Share how you lit yourself
26th Nov 2019What Would You Do With This Results.

Print entries for comp.
3rd Dec 2019Print Competition: 'Open'.Judge: Paul Dunmall
10th Dec 2019Guest Speaker: K2B Representative.
17th Dec 2019Social Evening.

Entry night for dpi comp.
7th Jan 2020Projected Competition: 'Open'.Judge: Victoria Procter
14th Jan 2020Still life night with studio Lights.Volunteer Required.
21st Jan 2020Bi Monthly Challenge + Next Theme (Urban).

Submit images for print run & dpi's of your entries for the Print competition.
28th Jan 2020Understanding Blending Modes & what they do?

Print entries for Set of four.
Volunteer Required.
S Arnold
4th Feb 2020Set of Four Prints Competition.Judge: Alan Walker
11th Feb 2020How to photograph wildlife / photographing birds.Duncan Cooke.
18th Feb 2020Short talks 10-20 mins.Any Club Member who would like to present on a subject of their choice.
25th Feb 2020Speaker TBA
3rd Mar 2020Projected Competition: Theme 'Movement'Judge: Dawn Stobbart
10th Mar 2020How to create an AV presentation.Volunteer Required.
17th Mar 2020TBA
24th Mar 2020Bi Monthly Challenge + Next Theme (Reflections).

Submit images for print run & dpi's of your entries for the Print competition.
31st Mar 2020Print Competition: 'Open'.TBA
7th Apr 2020TBA
14th Apr 2020TBA

Entry night for dpi competition.
21st Apr 2020TBA
28th Apr 2020Speaker TBA
5th May 2020Projected Competition: Theme 'Antiquated'Judge: Dr Keith Snell
12th May 2020Last Bi Monthly Challenge Result.
19th May 2020AGM
26th May 2020Awards Dinner