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Last comments - Bryan
Flora162 viewsNot sure what they are, less than 10mm tall3 commentswayne01/21/12 at 19:01Bryan: moss spore capsules thay look better thay are back...
143 views4 commentscoralstar01/15/12 at 17:32Bryan: love both snow scenes, good composition
Grey Squirrel140 viewsGrey Squirrel4 commentsDuncan Cooke12/14/11 at 20:48Bryan: nice sharp shot Duncan great detail
Hermit Crab211 viewsJust found out this image has been shortlisted in Wildlife section of Digital Camera Photographer of the year 2011.
5 commentsDuncan Cooke12/10/11 at 20:54Bryan: well done, good luck Duncan its a great shot
Kelbarrow, Grasmere133 viewsThe misty day seemed to saturate the colours.2 commentsJJ11/18/11 at 19:10Bryan: quite right JJ coulde it be the slightly slower sh...
Jaguars75 viewsJaguars1 commentsDuncan Cooke11/18/11 at 19:03Bryan: Very nice set Duncan, great detail
autumn landscape168 viewsautumn landscape to the side of blea tarn 3 commentskingsown11/18/11 at 19:01Bryan: good composition and autumn colours
Teal183 views3 commentsDuncan Cooke11/02/11 at 20:10Bryan: well done its good to see your photos getting reco...
Small Prawn112 views2 commentsDuncan Cooke09/26/11 at 18:45Bryan: great shot, Duncan good detail
Hermit Crab99 views2 commentsDuncan Cooke08/10/11 at 13:16Bryan: nice detail Duncan, good shot
sunset from roa island boat club90 viewsas the tide goes out the sun goes down 1 commentskingsown08/10/11 at 13:12Bryan: looks a little to cold Stuart (too blue)
M31 M32 M110768 viewsA reworking of my Andromeda shot, 8 x 30 sec ISO3200 540mm. 2500,000,000 light years away. Andromeda or M31 is on a collision course with our Milky way and is expected to collide in about 4.5 billion years.4 commentswayne08/05/11 at 19:14Bryan: incredible, great shot
Ulverston & North Lonsdale Agricultural Show - 27 July 201167 views1 commentsJohn08/01/11 at 17:27Bryan: Nice sharp shots John
Twilight238 views3 commentsBryan07/31/11 at 18:30Bryan: it was after 10 John and quite dark
whitby harbour 111 viewsin colour1 commentskingsown07/26/11 at 18:19Bryan: nice set Stewart, I prefer the B&W fine detail
Cornish Sunset176 views3 commentsBryan07/15/11 at 19:23Bryan: Thanks Stuart waited for 2 hours, hoping for a goo...
Night Photography165 viewsFacing the Bridge from the Prom3 commentsJohn02/17/11 at 19:15Bryan: nice set John I like them all, lovely depth of col...
ST GEORGES sky line 93 viewsjust getting round to processing a few from last year 1 commentskingsown02/07/11 at 18:53Bryan: njce pastel shades Stuart
Blue Tit132 views300 f2.8 L + 1.4 Extender on 7D. ISO 200, 1/800 sec.4 commentsDuncan Cooke01/28/11 at 17:56Bryan: your getting some cracking bird shots Duncan, shar...
Black Combe99 viewsand Abbey Road1 commentsDuncan Cooke12/15/10 at 13:19Bryan: Very nice set Duncan
cold morning 109 viewswinster valley with frost2 commentskingsown11/24/10 at 16:54Bryan: Like this shot Stuart you can amost feel the mist ...
Zaire149 viewsArrived in London Zoo 2003 from Rome3 commentsJohn11/06/10 at 18:36Bryan: Nice shot John good DOF
Durdle Door139 viewslate Autumn sun Dorset3 commentsBryan11/06/10 at 18:31Bryan: you dont get any light on this side untill very la...
under Greegate bridge at night143 views2 commentsGlen Corn10/27/10 at 17:10Bryan: yes I agree with JJ a cracking shot Glen
male on gaurd 120 viewsthe female is on the nest just below he flew off to the side to distract us 1 commentskingsown03/10/10 at 19:42Bryan: You need a bigger lens Stuart. 1200mm will be spot...
Little Langdale190 viewsActually, not HDR. Just a cold and frosty morning. Looking East from Greenburn.3 commentsJJ02/26/10 at 18:10Bryan: terrific light, nicely captured, great view good s...
In the Ditch197 viewsThank you Mr Farmer and your big tractor we are home safe tonight3 commentsBryan02/24/10 at 18:42Bryan: not the steepest hill or the deepest snow today, b...
Wallace & Gromit168 viewsColoured with watered down dyes, then brushed on.3 commentsDuncan Cooke02/24/10 at 17:24Bryan: very impressive, Duncan you could take up sculptur...
Guess Who176 viewsGuess Who2 commentswayne11/18/09 at 16:26Bryan: I like the smoke
Oban149 viewsA view of Oban taken from McCaig's tower1 commentswayne08/17/09 at 12:09Bryan: good panoramas Wayne
Autumnal89 viewsEarly Autumn colours, 7th August.1 commentsDuncan Cooke08/11/09 at 17:35Bryan: Nice shot I like the colours, so much for the bar...
Testing new toy with 300f2.8427 views1 commentsmalla196207/21/09 at 11:32Bryan: Nice one Malla great detail in the feathers, and s...
Baby Chic107 viewsTaken Rambling1 commentsJohn07/08/09 at 16:55Bryan: its a little noisy on my monitor John and the colo...
Puffin158 views2 commentsmalla196207/08/09 at 16:51Bryan: cracking set of shots Malla, dof spot on
158 views4 commentsDuncan Cooke06/13/09 at 12:18Bryan: Right time tide and light, indeed a cracking shot....
Bee Orchids79 viewsStainton3 commentsJJ06/13/09 at 12:14Bryan: I like this shot JJ, but the single blooms would b...
caterpillar 100 viewsshot at iso 800 and 100% crop3 commentsBryan06/07/09 at 15:11Bryan: f9 at 1/200s
Astrantia115 views2 commentsJJ06/01/09 at 13:11Bryan: super shot JJ like the detail and lighting
CZM118 viewscombined with CZM only no work done before or after3 commentsBryan04/04/09 at 16:30Bryan: Yes Stuart it needs work on it I was just showing ...
Willow catkin86 viewsI used CombineZM to stack 7 images2 commentsJJ04/04/09 at 10:36Bryan: Very good job I would say JJ well done.
Focus Stacking 02135 viewsI used the Difference blend mode to align the images, then layer masks to blend the focal planes. My son lent me the cars!3 commentsJJ03/30/09 at 13:01Bryan: both are good JJ was it difficult blending the lay...
Egremont Castle160 viewsEgremont Castle miniature world.2 commentswayne03/22/09 at 11:17Bryan: nice one Wayne, they both turned out good miniatur...
Lighthouse131 viewsWalney Lighthouse 3 commentsBryan03/11/09 at 19:04Bryan: Thanks Joe, it came 1st in the B/W section last ni...
bl***ey drive chain 91 viewsfixing the drive chain at honister pass 2 commentskingsown02/19/09 at 19:03Bryan: Ho the Joys of motoring
Blea Tarn174 views5 pics stitched together.3 commentswayne02/18/09 at 19:20Bryan: There must be some cracking detail in the full fil...
Royal Observer Corp Nuclear Bunker Broughton145 viewsIn times of Crisis the 1560 Royal Observer Corp bunkers scattered around the country would be manned by a three man crew.2 commentswayne01/19/09 at 11:10Bryan: Nice set Wayne, very informative and interesting ....
Spider Web143 views1 commentsDuncan Cooke01/16/09 at 19:35Bryan: Cracking shot nice detail and colour.
Furness Abbey97 viewsWithout the man in "Red"2 commentsJohn01/16/09 at 19:18Bryan: Better John, but I think cropping out 25% from the...
Furness Abbey135 views3 commentsJohn01/08/09 at 14:39Bryan: Nice shot John, cropping out the person in the re...
Coniston Old Man132 views2 commentsDuncan Cooke12/24/08 at 17:31Bryan: Nice shot Duncan, I like it good foreground intere...
on the puddle 163 viewsa very dark foreground comments on 2 commentskingsown12/19/08 at 18:00Bryan: The foreground dos not look natural, was flash use...
London Zoo86 viewsMandarin Duck1 commentsJohn12/18/08 at 20:55Bryan: very nice colour full set John
foxfield foreshore 104 viewsgood light while waiting for the trian 2 commentskingsown08/25/08 at 18:53Bryan: lovely light you just can't beat it, nice one ...
dragonfly 162 viewsa few just starting to come out 2 commentskingsown08/20/08 at 12:42Bryan: Very nice shot so sharp
Sunset over Black Combe82 viewsI waited until the exposure could capture the sunset and the factory lights.2 commentsJJ08/14/08 at 20:35Bryan: I like it nice colour with the tide in as well.
BikeCrash157 viewsThe passenger rolling to a stop, the trike continued across the line. Both driver and passenger were OK.1 commentswayne07/23/08 at 13:57Bryan: Nice series Wayne captured well at speed. :...
Kingfisher311 viewsKingfisher fishing a stream along the coast road4 commentswayne07/16/08 at 18:44Bryan: nice one Wayne, now you have spoiled Stuarts holid...
smoke art 105 viewstable top from today smoke from josh sticks 50mm lens with no4closeup filter two flash guns 1 commentskingsown06/30/08 at 20:50Bryan: nice one Stuart I like it.
channel-side walk 106 viewsthe channel near to the slag-bank 1 commentskingsown06/23/08 at 21:25Bryan: nice shot, rich colours
RuskinsView201 viewsRuskins View Kirkby Lonsdale a scene made famous by the artist J W M Turner2 commentswayne06/07/08 at 14:03Bryan: Superb, I would like to see how its done, It would...
90 viewsAt West Shore Beach2 commentsJohn05/22/08 at 16:22Bryan: looks good in B&W nice shot
Great Egret.87 viewsThis thing would not come out in to some good light so I ended up at 1/40th f4 300mm1 commentsmalla196205/21/08 at 20:26Bryan: Nice shot Malla spot on
tractor134 viewsLittle red tractor.1 commentswayne05/14/08 at 21:45Bryan: The red coat that was in my mind, nice one
Swallow113 viewsAt last i've got one flying.1 commentswayne05/14/08 at 21:17Bryan: shame about the water mark, getting there
OOPS133 viewsBarbon hill climb. The only one that didn't make it round the hairpin.1 commentswayne05/10/08 at 19:22Bryan: Cracking action shot how do you get them to crash ...
Scrapyard278 viewsA farm in the trough of Bowland with a scrapyard full of farming machinery.1 commentswayne05/07/08 at 21:08Bryan: very good, I like this effect.
Having a good feed214 viewsIn the Lakes2 commentsJohn05/05/08 at 20:06Bryan: Nice shot, you can wait a long time to see a red
Carp577 views23lb 11oz common carp from Cavendish dock.3 commentswayne05/05/08 at 19:58Bryan: Nice one Wayne. The one that never got away, sure ...
Yew Tree Root250 viewsTaken in evening light.3 commentsJJ05/03/08 at 19:56Bryan: nice shot
the old horse pump 176 viewsan old pump and trough at hebden bridge for the horses that pulled the barges 2 commentskingsown05/02/08 at 20:25Bryan: spot on, Stewart
Kimberly-clark234 viewsOne for Bryan2 commentswayne05/01/08 at 19:55Bryan: Absence dos not make the hart grow fonder 34 year...
Osprey345 viewsOsprey over Bassenthwaite about to land on the nest.5 commentswayne05/01/08 at 11:59Bryan: Better than my effort, is it the 1200mm lens we ne...
the desiered residents128 viewsshot in the dales on the way to garesdale head1 commentskingsown04/24/08 at 21:00Bryan: Nice Black and white shot of dereliction
the rising dawn 254 viewsthe sun coming up at rusland pool3 commentskingsown04/19/08 at 18:11Bryan: Yes the bird front left spoils a good shot
master of the air 156 viewsthey are real masters of flight1 commentskingsown04/10/08 at 20:37Bryan: They truly are masters of the air
Dinner is served 244 viewsDinner is served 3 commentswayne03/03/08 at 13:05Bryan: nice shot Wayne, the webbing around the fly is goo...
Grange Park134 viewsOne of my favourite reflections2 commentsJohn02/26/08 at 15:23Bryan: nice and sharp, I like the reflection spot on. :lo...
Beats walking248 viewsDogs hitching a ride2 commentswayne02/20/08 at 20:26Bryan: good shot, his face tells you now cold it is, woul...
Phoebe OOB457 viewsOut of Border shot of Phoebe4 commentswayne01/26/08 at 17:36Bryan: I like this one Wayne with the shadow its very goo...
470 views6 commentsGlen Corn01/22/08 at 17:39Bryan: What a fantastic combination.
F18235 viewsF18 Taken at Royal International Air Tatoo 20072 commentswayne01/08/08 at 17:29Bryan: You can feel the heat
Dublin at night147 viewsTaken recently in Dublin2 commentsJohn01/08/08 at 16:45Bryan: Super night shot John, I like it, the bridge looks...
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