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Most viewed - Pictures of Furness
Theatre Hotel, Cavendish Street.2157 views1877- License for Alhambra Hotel adjacent to Alhambra Music Hall (Music Hall granted a beer and wine license in 1871) was applied in 1876. Refused. Mr Bell and Mr Atkinson applied for it again in 1877 stating that the hotel had cost £3,000. Granted. Hotel was sold for £7,600 on Friday, May11, 1894. In February, 1924 Mr Vincent McGounce became the first landlord to receive a license for the broadcasting of radio programmes in a public house. Bought by Cases in February 19, 1937 from George Abraham and Maurice Levy.wayne
the albion2151 viewsjoe rush
Masons Arms, 30 Paxton Terrace819 views1861-1968 In September, 1881, Thompsons applied for a spirits license for the Masons stating that the house had been open 20 years. Proposed improvements to cost nearly £2,000. The bench was in favour of the improvements but not the license. Thompsons completely rebuilt the Masons at a cost of £3,500 in 1890. In 1891 a spirits license was requested for the Masons Arms as the rebuilt house with restaurant was worthy of one. It was refused. The Masons stood on the corner of Paxton Terrace and Forshaw Street and it was closed in May, 1968, and demolished.1 commentswayne
Arial view Barrow circa 1970687 viewsArial view Barrow showing Cairds foundry and the old bus depotwayne
Salthouse Mills Fire634 viewsSalthouse Mills Fire, 1\6\2008wayne
Gas Terminal630 viewsGas Terminal1 commentswayne
Regal Bar, Forshaw Street617 views1867-1992 The Alexandra Music Hall appeared in December, 1867. In December, 1876 The Star Theatre and Hotel were offered for sale by public auction. The bidding reached £6,500 this being below the reserve, the property was withdrawn. The Hotel and Theatre were offered for sale at auction on March 19,1902. Withdrawn at £9,500. Sold privately to Allsopps later that year. As the Theatre’s name changed, so did the Hotel’s to the Tivoli in November, 1902, and finally the Regal Bar in August, 1931. Closed in 1992 and demolished to make way for town centre development, another one bites the dust.wayne
Railway Inn, 2 John Street.603 views1861-1968 Another small town centre pub demolished to make way for the new Market Hall. Wine license granted in 1879. Sold at public auction on November 5, 1902, with a beer and wine license, for £4,200 to Cases who were already tenants. Closed March 31, 1968. Last licensee was George Smith. wayne
The Crown Inn, 27 John Street.599 views1860-1968. A small town centre house, the Crown was built in 1850 by Richard Helm, who later the same year mortgaged the Crown to Messrs Ashburner and Butler of Dalton in order to raise money to finish the building. It was sold to Cases on Christmas Eve, 1880 by Frederick West. The last licensee was Maurice McCarthy who made great efforts to make the business succeed by providing snacks and pie and peas, especially at lunchtime for workmen. Closed March 31,1968.wayne
Criterion, 26/28 Cornwallis Street.599 views1884-1971 The Criterion Restaurant was one of Mr Cases Proudest achievements. It was a well conflicted tiled-fronted building with a bay window on the first floor. It had a well appointed bar on the ground floor and a separate staircase leading to the first floor which was fitted out as a first class restaurant. Mr Hiley received a six day license for the Criterion in September 1884. lt’s primary object being to provide lunch and drinks for Town Hall officials, and as a convenient place for private business to be discussed. The luncheon provided was always very good, although by today’s standards probably plain , but it was very well patronised, particularly when it was managed by Miss Owen. As more and more of the restaurants clientele became car owners and thus able to drive home for lunch, and especially when the old Barrow Market was pulled down, trade dried up. Eventually it became unprofitable and the license was surrendered and the place closed down. Closed February,1971. Became an off license. Now reopened as "The Cry NiteClub"wayne
Roa Island Hotel, Roa Island Station593 viewsRoa Island Hotel, Roa Island Stationwayne
Salthouse Mills589 views2 commentscoralstar
Kill-One Committee Circa 1983578 viewsKill-One Committee Circa 1983. Can anyone name any of the people in this photograph.1 commentswayne
Blake Street before demolition.567 viewsTaken as they were demolishing Blake Street.malla1962
Furness Railway Engine No 93567 viewsBuilt 1874 scraped 1925wayne
Market Tavern, 21 Forshaw Street.561 views1866-1995 Offered for sale by public auction on January 23,1877, the advertisement stated that the hotel had done capital business for 10 years, during which time it had been ably tended by Mr Skeels, the proprietor. Bought by Cases April 25, 1877. Full license granted 1882. The last landlord was Mr .J.Burns. Demolished in 1995 for another Town Centre "Improvement".wayne
Sandgate Hotel Barrow 1908560 views1854- In 1893 at the adjourned Brewsters Sessions, Thomas Thompson (no relation to the brewers) had his license renewed after a police objection. In his defence Thompson’s solicitor stated that Thompson and his forefathers had kept the pub for 40 years, since it was first licensed. After some discussion the license was renewed. Like many houses, when the Sandgate first opened it was known as the New Inn. Sold for £4,200 at public auction on August 14th 1901.wayne
Queens Hotel Duke Street before demolition.550 views1 commentsmalla1962
Bay Horse, Hawcoat. 547 viewsPre 1850- Agnes Holmes is listed as keeping a beerhouse at Hawcoat in the 1851 Mannix Directory. In 1855 a newly built beerhouse at Hawcoat was advertised for sale in the Ulverston Advertiser. In 1871 George Woodburne is listed as the landlord of the Black House, Hawcoat. (The Kings is also listed, but there is no mention of the Bay Horse). In 1882 the name Black House has gone and the Bay Horse re-appears. Rebuilt in 1927 by Cases. Wine License 1932. Hammonds opened the New Bay Horse on the opposite side of the road in 1966. The Old Bay Horse is now a shop.

Ramsden-Dock-Basin-and-lock-1922541 viewsRamsden-Dock-Basin-and-lock-1922wayne
New Inn, 2/4 Franklin Street.538 views1661-1972 Built by William Gradwell. Sold to Cases by Francis Kendall and John Ashburner on April 15, 1873. Prior to 1872 known as the Hammer and Pincers, name changed by Cases. Frank Lappin the last licensee, believed that up until the time of the pub’s closure that the pub was the oldest in Barrow Town, having mistakenly thought the pub was licensed in 1849. closed November 4, 1972.wayne
Ship Inn, Roose.536 views1830- As with most of Barrow’s original eight (1851) pubs, the Ship was a farmhouse that opened for the sale of beer under the 1830 Beerhouses Act. In 1885 the landlady of the Ship, Mrs Clarkeson, died. She had been born in 1837 at the Ship and her parents were Mr and Mrs Hool. The Ship was rebuilt in the 1960’s by Cases.wayne
Cumberland Arms, 51 McClintock Street.533 views1864-1974 Built by Gradwell. Bought by Cases on November 13, 1880 from Robert Postlethwaite. To Let, apply Cases, in 1882. Closed April 31, 1974. Demolished May 22, 1974. Last licensee was Norman Leach.wayne
Piel Island506 viewsPiel Island1 commentswayne
Furness Railway Engine No 79503 viewsBuilt 1873 scraped 1930. A sign reading Siddick junction can be seen behind the train. About a mile and a half north of Workington station was Siddick Junction. This junction provided the connection to the Royal Navy Armaments Depot facility at Broughton Moor. wayne
Furness Railway Engine No 19501 viewsPETTIGREW produced the needful in 1910 when six smart little 0-6-0 side tanks were put to work. They had cylinders 17 1/2 x 24 ins., wheels 4 ft. 7 1/2 ins. dia., and 160 lbs. working pressure. They were numbered 19 to 24 and re-numbered 55 to 60 in 1918.wayne
Furness Railway Engine No 61500 viewsBuilt 1866 withdrawn 1925wayne
Furness Railway Engine No 12499 viewsBuilt 1873 scraped 1920wayne
Furness Railway Engine No 100498 viewsCalled Keekle built 1858 withdrawn 1918wayne
Furness Railway Engine No 50496 viewsBuilt 1883 scraped 1928wayne
Snipe Inn, 8 Paxton Street.494 views1860-1962 The land that the Snipe was built on was called Parrock Field and was sold for building purposes on December 5,1859 for £14. The building was erected in 1860 and sold to Hartleys in 1899. The Snipe was closed in November 1962, some time before the other town centre pubs, and was demolished. Last licensee was William Peter Mellor.wayne
travellers and frank wood ,s hatshop489 viewsjoe rush
489 viewsNamed Carlisle running from 1855 to 1886wayne
Nigel Wood outside Frank Wood hat shop Forshaw street481 viewsNigel Wood outside Frank Wood hat shop Forshaw streetwayne
Egerton buildings478 views1 commentsjoe rush
Ambrose Hotel, 237 Duke Street.478 views1861- In 1888 a large number of people attended a dinner on the occasion of the retirement of Mr Ellis Ambrose, landlord of the Ambrose Hotel. For Sale by public auction on March 10, 1880: £10,500 was the highest bid which was below the reserve and so it was withdrawn. For Sale on January 30, 1884. Owner Mr Frank Worral was retiring. Bought by Cases on May 12,1932. The pub closed in December 2001 only to re-open again later in 2002wayne
Frank Woods475 views1 commentsjoe rush
Crellin St.465 viewsjoe rush
Washington Hotel, Roose Road. 464 views1875- Built by Gradwell in 1874 at a cost of £4,000, the Washington received a provisional license in 1874 and a full license in 1875, when the hotel was opened.Named in honour of 100 years of American Independence, as was the White House. For sale by public auction on September 30,1890, bidding reached £7,100 but was withdrawn as it failed to reach it’s reserve. Offered for sale by public auction on March 27,1896 when bidding again failed to reach the reserve price. Sold privately the next day to Cases for £6,500. Renovated and altered by Cases in 1958. wayne
Steelworks Hotel, Buecleuch Street.463 views1863- Built by Rawcliffe in 1862-63. The Steelworks 8 year lease was sold by George Waiting (bankrupt) to William Waiting for £265. Rebuilt in 1875. Sold by William Kendall to Cases in 1882.wayne
Prince of Wales, 23 Ramsden Street. (Now called Costellos)463 views1860- For Sale December 17,1890, free from brewery. Bought by Cases from W. Cottam on August 5 1897, Referred for compensation, property of Cases in 1933. Cases starved off the closure and carried out improvements and alterations in 1937 by buying 2 Paradise Street and extending the Prince of Wales. It was completely rebuilt in 1956.wayne
salthouse pavilion 457 viewsthe bingo house on roose rd kingsown
Salthouse Mills now demolished455 viewscoralstar
Blake Street demolition.445 viewsmalla1962
Market Tavern Circa 1983440 viewsMarket Tavern Circa 1983wayne
greens pies437 views2 commentsGlen Corn
Demolition of 9 Arthur St437 viewsExtraction of Wood1 commentsJohn
old, new, dalton rd433 views1 commentsGlen Corn
Barrow 1920422 viewsBarrow 1920wayne
Town square420 viewsjoe rush
420 views2 comments
Market Street Dolton 419 views2 commentsBryan
townhall in fog417 viewsjoe rush
The Watchtower416 viewsThe custom and excise watchtower Roa Island Bryan
ramsden square410 viewsjoe rush
off the slip ways 409 viewshms albion one of the last slipway launches kingsown
Derelict Salthouse Mills407 viewscoralstar
Market Tavern Bar Circa 1983407 viewsMarket Tavern Bar Circa 1983wayne
barrow rail station405 viewsshot from the wilki road bridge thats the corner of the football groundkingsown
dock museum402 viewsjoe rush
bridge by night395 viewsGreengate bridge shot on Marsh st1 commentsGlen Corn
the harbour hotel393 viewsthe harbour on the strand across from the railway club1 commentskingsown
cabins392 viewskingsown
the harbour380 viewsjoe rush
Salthouse Mills372 viewscoralstar
fire371 viewsjoe rush
Alfred Barrow school368 viewsjoe rush
Salthouse Mills Fire368 viewsSalthouse Mills Fire, 1\6\2008wayne
Wave khight in dock365 viewsjoe rush
Power Station364 viewsRoosecote power station1 commentswayne
St.Georges Square364 viewsjoe rush
357 viewsjoe rush
looking the other way355 viewsshot from the slag-bank out of town to the lakedistrict1 commentskingsown
the houses at roa island 354 viewsroa island and the lifeboat shed2 commentskingsown
portland walk354 viewsstatue of shipyard crafts workers1 commentsBryan
Roa island353 viewsjoe rush
The old and the new352 viewsSchneider Square, BarrowDuncan Cooke
351 views1 commentsjoe rush
Closing down349 viewsUlverstons last independent DIYwayne
Ferrybeach348 viewsjoe rush
cocken tunnel348 viewsnot the real tunnel but the one that lead up to the tunnel that ran through the slagbankkingsown
Down the 'Mills'347 viewscoralstar
Ten a Penny Beach shot.346 views1 comments
gone to china345 viewsjust about to go this old prison barge is being towed to china to be a hotelkingsown
Red Men345 viewsStatue of iron ore miners, channel side. Now sadly vandalised. Bryan
Salthouse Mills Fire345 viewsSalthouse Mills Fire, 1\6\2008wayne
from top of the slag-bank343 viewsshot from the remaining part of the slag bank looking over the town1 commentskingsown
Green-Nod343 viewsA sign showing the new village of Green-Nod!!!!wayne
ferrybeach342 viewsjoe rush
the jetty at piel 342 viewsthe kids playing in the tide at pielkingsown
Low Water340 viewsTaken from the top of Coniston Old Man Low Water in the foreground, Levers water in the background. By the way, the specks in the tarn are rocks, not dust !2 commentsJJ
Aldingham reflections340 views1 commentsCarol L
South Walney Groynes338 viewsTaken with a Lee Big Stopper, almost a 2 minute exposure at f/22 at 0800hrs on July 14th 2012.
the new furness academy338 viewsmore lights than blackpool kingsown
Mooncats make there mark down the 'Mills'337 viewscoralstar
walkway at the side of devonshire dock 330 viewsthe new store with the floating night club at the back of the old sail ship the pickle ,the high level bridge and the ddh shed further back kingsown
Headin Haw Island330 viewsHeadin Haw Island, was used by the minning industry to store dynamitewayne
Barrow Skyline328 viewsBarrow Skylinewayne
another bit bites the dust 328 viewsthe start of demolishing parkveiw the old grammar school kingsown
the washington arms 324 viewsthe wash on roose rd kingsown
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